This page serves as a centralized location to keep the media, interested communities, and affiliates informed of significant news, events, programs, and information.


  • (10) Little Chris launches a sign-up for a chance to win a FREE copy of his new book, It Was All a Dream.
  • (25) Christopher K. Gransberry announced he will be publishing some of his research on Veterans Homelessness.
  • (28) Little Chris has begun accepting pre-orders for his upcoming book entitled, “It Was All a Dream.”


  • (19) Little Chris announces his Exclusive Interview with radio & talk show host Duvalier Malone.
  • (26) The Exclusive FaceBook/Instagram Live streaming interview with Little Chris will be on March 8th at 5pm ET where he will be talking about his upcoming book.
  • (28) Little Chris releases his first commercial passionately speaking directly to other young aspiring authors.


  • (02) Little Chris releases his second commercial boldly reinforcing the power of imagination and describing how it has changed his life.
  • (05) Little Chris was nominated to be a WeINSPIRE Movement Ambassador.
  • (24) Little Chris hosted a Literacy Event where he spoke to children and parents about the importance of finding enjoyment in reading and how its impacted his life.


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